Cameron Diaz diet Secrets Revealed

Cameron Diaz diet

Cameron Michelle Díaz, a splendid American actress who was born in the month of August in 1972. She has not always stayed in front of the camera rather took other jobs also like that of a producer and super model. She rose to fame with movies  like  The Mask (1994), My Best Friend’s Wedding (1997) and There’s Something About Mary (1998). She was also the voice of super character Princess Fiona in the Shrek series (2001–10). Cameron has topped the list of highest paid Hollywood actress a lot of times.

And There’s Something About Mary (1998) got her  the New York Film Critics Best Lead Actress Award.  She is also known as an actress whose films do really well monetarily and breaks all box office’s record. She did not belong to a filmy background but lived a luxurious life from the very beginning and she was in the same High School of that of rapper Snoop Dogg.


She made her first glamour appearance at the tender age of 16 and was lucky to land a contract with Elite Model Management (a prestigious modelling firm), but this was not all waht she aspired for, she grabbed other international contracts and didn’t let go any opportunity be it Calvin Klien or Levi’s. Earlier probably in her 20’s, Diaz herself admitted thag she loved fried food and her favourite dish was fried chicken plus french fries but this is the time where she can’t have them all without a second thought.

In order to be this fit, she follows a strict diet and clubs it with rigourous workout sessions, as designed by well known dietician “Teddy Bass ” .So her diet demands her to eat exactly 6 times a day, this is done to maintain her anti- anorexic level, if you dont pay stress on number of times you eat, you end up with poor level of anti-anorexic. Diaz feels the most worthy part of her diet is zero intake of whites, whites are the main cause of obesity and ill health. She ignores white products altogether from white sugar, white rice to white flour and bread. 

Lets peek into the celebs diet for better outline:


Her day starts with rich protein content and throughout  the day she keeps a tab on her calories intake as she thinks it’s a must for every 40 plus lady. Her principle of “eating rights” is something that keeps her fit and healthy.

Breakfast/ Morning munchies and light snacks

  • She binges on raw crunchy Almonds with either a glass of Protein Shake or a cup of Plain Yoghurt.
  • A glass of skimmed milk that is low on fats.
  • Fresh fruits and she takes a cup of hot Cappuccino after breakfast and between lunch.


  • Smoky Chicken breast with fresh chunks of Salad.
  • Afternoon Snack
  • Diaz afternoon snacks consists of 2 prunes and a peach with Yoghurt without flavour.


  • Most of her day depends on milk and curd but she adds something solid at night in form of 2 boiled Eggs with cooked Spinach Tomatoes. She tops it up with a very Large Green Salad bowl.

Jessica Alba Special Diet Secrets

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is famous for her work as an actress and model. She commenced her career at 13. She was considered as an epitome of beauty and great physique and got few roles in blockbuster movies and shows. She has recieved various titles and awards for her contribution in movies and television shows. She has been named as most hottest, sexiest celebrities and beautiful, by various magazines and tabloids.

She is one such actress who got several offers to Don a bikini but she refused almost all of them because of her ethics. Of course, being in a profession like this she had to flaunt her body even if she runs from being completely naked. In order to show her well toned body she left no stone unturned to sweep floors off the feet of viewers.Her body type is naturally curvy, she has even got natural abs. Alba has been very open and proud of her diet and workout. According to her, she has teamed up her strict diet with rigorous physical training sessions. Her idea is to follow a smartly chalked diet for a longer duration than switching between shorter diets, no matter how efficient they are. 


The main takeaway from her diet is that she avoids processed food altogether. Alba recently confessed that how she used to succumb to tasty, oily delicacies, but now since she has committed to a healthy lifestyle, all her weaknesses seem to have taken a back seat and she rarely gorges on them now because nutrition is on her mind.

Her diet includes the following quick snacks which are worthy:   

Smoothies made up of green vegetables, some blueberries, pulp of ginger, loads of celery, apple (Green), water based fruits like cucumber, watermelon and spinach, etc

Her body type is one where she gains weight as and when she deviates from her diet. Moreover the condition was even worse when she gave birth to her baby where she gained around thirty -five pounds, she never rested back thinking it’s natural rather started from day 1 with the same diet and workout to bounce back in the shape. One more thing that Alba emphasised on was that “she clearly took a dig on those hollywood celebs who mend their ways using plastic surgeries”. Her statements make one thing very sure that she is very proud of her diet and fitness regimes.


Her trainer Ramona Braganza helped her getting on a diet just after her delivery and then helped her in getting her hands on workout schedules.The main components of her diet are high fiber, complex sort of carbohydrates with smoky chicken and meat breasts, tuna fish and her special protein shake. Strict No-No in her diet: she maintains great distance from white flour, white sugar and others. She tries ignoring cheat days too. As you can see her diet, but this diet won’t work if she is physically lazy, she relies on cardio workouts, strength training and performs  three circuits at a time.

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Bhumi Pednekar Secret Diet

Bhumi Pednekar

Bhumi Pednekar who is 30 years old young chirpy actress, who broke the stereotype that only lean girls can fit an industry like bollywood. Bhumi is based out of Mumbai  (the Indian land of dreams), tha even buries the dream of novices but Bhumi was lucky to be spotted by YRF when she had no Godfather.  Bhumi always wanted to be in front of the camera, but she knew it’s hard to fit on screen with such a huge figure. 

She is just one movie “Dum Laga Ke Haisha” old, which was a YRF production. No doubt she was appreciated uniformly across the nation, while her acting skills are versatile her body type was termed role centric.She opted for a job as an office person at YRF’s and was responsible for small jobs, she even assisted casting director Abhimanyu Ray. This is something common that she share with “Ladies v/s Ricky behl”,fame actor Parineeti Chopra, who even earlier worked in the Marketing Department of YRF. But whats the difference between them is that Bhumi had no Godfather as Priyanka Chopra. 


That’s where Bhumi carved  her own Niche and was casted opposite an Amazing actor “Ayushman  Khurana”, the rumours were that she grabbed the role because of her built that went well with the requirements of their lead. She took them all in light humour and admitted that the reason was her weight but she knew that her bid would be shortlived if she stays like this, just after her release she started working on her physique to stay in the game for a longer time.

She didn’t hire a trainer  or dietician rather along with her mother carved a diet that is traditionally known for curbing over weight. Her diet is a great mix of safe nutrition, anyone can emaluate it without worrying.She believes in healthy eating habits rather than tantrums like starving and crash dieting. She made a habit that instead of having special Cheat days she can adhere to what her tongue says. She got the same thing but with lesser calories to be on a safer side. Here’s  a look at her diet that helped her loose weight.


Eggs (white portion) witg Juice and porridge servings.


She tries keeping her lunch normal with the food like Sabzi Roti or Chicken plus Rice. She even substitutes her Chicken Chawalwith Dal and rice, in case she wants something  vegetarian.


She belives in light dinner because its hard to digest fancy dishes at night and they can affect negatively too. She either gorges on  Hell lots of green vegetables or opts for different kinds of smoothies made using green vegetables. 


The main drink of her diet is a drink that helps in detoxifying her blood, you can even make it up using water rich fruit cucumber, lemon plus mint and plain   water. You can also make a risk using Aloe Vera, green tea and KALE JUICE the names of these agents  are enough to describe their detoxication property. Her basic tip for fried food is that olive oil must be used as an alternative to other oil.

Salman Khan Diet Plan

Salman Khan
Abdul Rashid Salim Salman Khan who is known as everyone’s brother came to the planet on 27th December 1965. He was born to a film writer but still came out as an unique actor and worked as a producer and ruled as a Television anchor. All his movies are no less than festivals because he just don’t have fans, he owns devotees. Of course he has achieved several of milestones but being the 7th most handsome man of the World when you are 50 plus.
It was all his time when he played the role of sweet chocolate boy Prem in his debut “Maine pyaar kia” to a guest appearance in “kuch kuch hota hain”.

His career also like others took a setback but he came all out with hits like Dabangg (2010), Bodyguard (2011), Ek Tha Tiger (2012), Kick (2014) and Bajrangi Bhaijaan (2015), and proved their is no one who can take his place.
What people appreciate him apart from his screen presence is the fact that he is a well known humanitarian, his association with the organization Being Human says it. He is actively involved with them be it promoting their merchandises or helping them in raising funds. Also his personal life has always attracted numerous eyeballs be it his several affairs, accused case of drinking and driving and a trial for allegedly killing a black buck, covering his stories is always a great deal for media channels and of utmost interest to his fans. Many believe that Hrithik Roshan’s Workout And Diet are a blessing of Salman Khan
Setting these controversies or tragedies aside will make us appreciate his physique which is still jaw dropping when he has already exhausted his body for 5 decades.He always been open about his fitness regime that includes rigorous level of cycling, swimming, plus good sleep. But the most important out of all are his great eating habits.
His efforts are not only visible on his body but also on the face of his trainer “Manish Advilkar”, who is always happy for his trainee and appreciates him In the public as and when he gets the opportunity which shows a great job on Salman’s side.
One thing that Manish always tells the public is Salman schedule is really tight and his work out schedule is equally demanding, but he never skips his workout sessions.

A number of his fans want to be like him in terms of his physique and his fitness, and follow him for the same reason. His plan mostly includes proteins and vitamins. He follows the diet plan given by his physical trainer and nutritionist.
Morning- Khan prefers to take two eggs, and toast, or he takes mix vegetable with chapatis, and a glass of milk( low fat).
Lunch- Khan’s favourite food is non vegetarian cuisines and he prefers taking them in lunch. He lures for roasted fish, salad and fruits at lunch time.
Dinner- He takes different types of soups as a starter. His dinner mostly includes chicken and fish.
A nonvegetarian can easily follow his diet to get a physique like him and follow his workout schedule too. It’s difficult for vegetarian to follow his diet but one always can take vegetables and follow his workout plan.Take a look at Salman Khan’s Diet plan and Workout Routine