Bhumi Pednekar Secret Diet

Bhumi Pednekar

Bhumi Pednekar who is 30 years old young chirpy actress, who broke the stereotype that only lean girls can fit an industry like bollywood. Bhumi is based out of Mumbai  (the Indian land of dreams), tha even buries the dream of novices but Bhumi was lucky to be spotted by YRF when she had no Godfather.  Bhumi always wanted to be in front of the camera, but she knew it’s hard to fit on screen with such a huge figure. 

She is just one movie “Dum Laga Ke Haisha” old, which was a YRF production. No doubt she was appreciated uniformly across the nation, while her acting skills are versatile her body type was termed role centric.She opted for a job as an office person at YRF’s and was responsible for small jobs, she even assisted casting director Abhimanyu Ray. This is something common that she share with “Ladies v/s Ricky behl”,fame actor Parineeti Chopra, who even earlier worked in the Marketing Department of YRF. But whats the difference between them is that Bhumi had no Godfather as Priyanka Chopra. 


That’s where Bhumi carved  her own Niche and was casted opposite an Amazing actor “Ayushman  Khurana”, the rumours were that she grabbed the role because of her built that went well with the requirements of their lead. She took them all in light humour and admitted that the reason was her weight but she knew that her bid would be shortlived if she stays like this, just after her release she started working on her physique to stay in the game for a longer time.

She didn’t hire a trainer  or dietician rather along with her mother carved a diet that is traditionally known for curbing over weight. Her diet is a great mix of safe nutrition, anyone can emaluate it without worrying.She believes in healthy eating habits rather than tantrums like starving and crash dieting. She made a habit that instead of having special Cheat days she can adhere to what her tongue says. She got the same thing but with lesser calories to be on a safer side. Here’s  a look at her diet that helped her loose weight.


Eggs (white portion) witg Juice and porridge servings.


She tries keeping her lunch normal with the food like Sabzi Roti or Chicken plus Rice. She even substitutes her Chicken Chawalwith Dal and rice, in case she wants something  vegetarian.


She belives in light dinner because its hard to digest fancy dishes at night and they can affect negatively too. She either gorges on  Hell lots of green vegetables or opts for different kinds of smoothies made using green vegetables. 


The main drink of her diet is a drink that helps in detoxifying her blood, you can even make it up using water rich fruit cucumber, lemon plus mint and plain   water. You can also make a risk using Aloe Vera, green tea and KALE JUICE the names of these agents  are enough to describe their detoxication property. Her basic tip for fried food is that olive oil must be used as an alternative to other oil.

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