Cameron Diaz diet Secrets Revealed

Cameron Diaz diet

Cameron Michelle Díaz, a splendid American actress who was born in the month of August in 1972. She has not always stayed in front of the camera rather took other jobs also like that of a producer and super model. She rose to fame with movies  like  The Mask (1994), My Best Friend’s Wedding (1997) and There’s Something About Mary (1998). She was also the voice of super character Princess Fiona in the Shrek series (2001–10). Cameron has topped the list of highest paid Hollywood actress a lot of times.

And There’s Something About Mary (1998) got her  the New York Film Critics Best Lead Actress Award.  She is also known as an actress whose films do really well monetarily and breaks all box office’s record. She did not belong to a filmy background but lived a luxurious life from the very beginning and she was in the same High School of that of rapper Snoop Dogg.


She made her first glamour appearance at the tender age of 16 and was lucky to land a contract with Elite Model Management (a prestigious modelling firm), but this was not all waht she aspired for, she grabbed other international contracts and didn’t let go any opportunity be it Calvin Klien or Levi’s. Earlier probably in her 20’s, Diaz herself admitted thag she loved fried food and her favourite dish was fried chicken plus french fries but this is the time where she can’t have them all without a second thought.

In order to be this fit, she follows a strict diet and clubs it with rigourous workout sessions, as designed by well known dietician “Teddy Bass ” .So her diet demands her to eat exactly 6 times a day, this is done to maintain her anti- anorexic level, if you dont pay stress on number of times you eat, you end up with poor level of anti-anorexic. Diaz feels the most worthy part of her diet is zero intake of whites, whites are the main cause of obesity and ill health. She ignores white products altogether from white sugar, white rice to white flour and bread. 

Lets peek into the celebs diet for better outline:


Her day starts with rich protein content and throughout  the day she keeps a tab on her calories intake as she thinks it’s a must for every 40 plus lady. Her principle of “eating rights” is something that keeps her fit and healthy.

Breakfast/ Morning munchies and light snacks

  • She binges on raw crunchy Almonds with either a glass of Protein Shake or a cup of Plain Yoghurt.
  • A glass of skimmed milk that is low on fats.
  • Fresh fruits and she takes a cup of hot Cappuccino after breakfast and between lunch.


  • Smoky Chicken breast with fresh chunks of Salad.
  • Afternoon Snack
  • Diaz afternoon snacks consists of 2 prunes and a peach with Yoghurt without flavour.


  • Most of her day depends on milk and curd but she adds something solid at night in form of 2 boiled Eggs with cooked Spinach Tomatoes. She tops it up with a very Large Green Salad bowl.

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