Jessica Alba Special Diet Secrets

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is famous for her work as an actress and model. She commenced her career at 13. She was considered as an epitome of beauty and great physique and got few roles in blockbuster movies and shows. She has recieved various titles and awards for her contribution in movies and television shows. She has been named as most hottest, sexiest celebrities and beautiful, by various magazines and tabloids.

She is one such actress who got several offers to Don a bikini but she refused almost all of them because of her ethics. Of course, being in a profession like this she had to flaunt her body even if she runs from being completely naked. In order to show her well toned body she left no stone unturned to sweep floors off the feet of viewers.Her body type is naturally curvy, she has even got natural abs. Alba has been very open and proud of her diet and workout. According to her, she has teamed up her strict diet with rigorous physical training sessions. Her idea is to follow a smartly chalked diet for a longer duration than switching between shorter diets, no matter how efficient they are. 


The main takeaway from her diet is that she avoids processed food altogether. Alba recently confessed that how she used to succumb to tasty, oily delicacies, but now since she has committed to a healthy lifestyle, all her weaknesses seem to have taken a back seat and she rarely gorges on them now because nutrition is on her mind.

Her diet includes the following quick snacks which are worthy:   

Smoothies made up of green vegetables, some blueberries, pulp of ginger, loads of celery, apple (Green), water based fruits like cucumber, watermelon and spinach, etc

Her body type is one where she gains weight as and when she deviates from her diet. Moreover the condition was even worse when she gave birth to her baby where she gained around thirty -five pounds, she never rested back thinking it’s natural rather started from day 1 with the same diet and workout to bounce back in the shape. One more thing that Alba emphasised on was that “she clearly took a dig on those hollywood celebs who mend their ways using plastic surgeries”. Her statements make one thing very sure that she is very proud of her diet and fitness regimes.


Her trainer Ramona Braganza helped her getting on a diet just after her delivery and then helped her in getting her hands on workout schedules.The main components of her diet are high fiber, complex sort of carbohydrates with smoky chicken and meat breasts, tuna fish and her special protein shake. Strict No-No in her diet: she maintains great distance from white flour, white sugar and others. She tries ignoring cheat days too. As you can see her diet, but this diet won’t work if she is physically lazy, she relies on cardio workouts, strength training and performs  three circuits at a time.

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