Salman Khan Diet Plan

Salman Khan
Abdul Rashid Salim Salman Khan who is known as everyone’s brother came to the planet on 27th December 1965. He was born to a film writer but still came out as an unique actor and worked as a producer and ruled as a Television anchor. All his movies are no less than festivals because he just don’t have fans, he owns devotees. Of course he has achieved several of milestones but being the 7th most handsome man of the World when you are 50 plus.
It was all his time when he played the role of sweet chocolate boy Prem in his debut “Maine pyaar kia” to a guest appearance in “kuch kuch hota hain”.

His career also like others took a setback but he came all out with hits like Dabangg (2010), Bodyguard (2011), Ek Tha Tiger (2012), Kick (2014) and Bajrangi Bhaijaan (2015), and proved their is no one who can take his place.
What people appreciate him apart from his screen presence is the fact that he is a well known humanitarian, his association with the organization Being Human says it. He is actively involved with them be it promoting their merchandises or helping them in raising funds. Also his personal life has always attracted numerous eyeballs be it his several affairs, accused case of drinking and driving and a trial for allegedly killing a black buck, covering his stories is always a great deal for media channels and of utmost interest to his fans. Many believe that Hrithik Roshan’s Workout And Diet are a blessing of Salman Khan
Setting these controversies or tragedies aside will make us appreciate his physique which is still jaw dropping when he has already exhausted his body for 5 decades.He always been open about his fitness regime that includes rigorous level of cycling, swimming, plus good sleep. But the most important out of all are his great eating habits.
His efforts are not only visible on his body but also on the face of his trainer “Manish Advilkar”, who is always happy for his trainee and appreciates him In the public as and when he gets the opportunity which shows a great job on Salman’s side.
One thing that Manish always tells the public is Salman schedule is really tight and his work out schedule is equally demanding, but he never skips his workout sessions.

A number of his fans want to be like him in terms of his physique and his fitness, and follow him for the same reason. His plan mostly includes proteins and vitamins. He follows the diet plan given by his physical trainer and nutritionist.
Morning- Khan prefers to take two eggs, and toast, or he takes mix vegetable with chapatis, and a glass of milk( low fat).
Lunch- Khan’s favourite food is non vegetarian cuisines and he prefers taking them in lunch. He lures for roasted fish, salad and fruits at lunch time.
Dinner- He takes different types of soups as a starter. His dinner mostly includes chicken and fish.
A nonvegetarian can easily follow his diet to get a physique like him and follow his workout schedule too. It’s difficult for vegetarian to follow his diet but one always can take vegetables and follow his workout plan.Take a look at Salman Khan’s Diet plan and Workout Routine

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